Koywe Kollage First Solo Exhibition

KOYWE KOLLAGE | Collage of male body parts

The journey before the beginning
October 22 to 25, 2020 - 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Glogauer Str. 24
10999 Berlin

KOYWE KOLLAGE under the title "The Journey Before the Beginning" brings us his first solo show opening 22nd of October at Glogauerstr 24,10999 Berlin. 

The man behind KOYWE KOLLAGE, Hans Möller Rojas' exhibition deals with topics that are inspired by nature and the human body. His material is paper, which he takes out of books, magazines and posters with a sharp eye, robs it of its often commercial context and composes it into a multi-layered work in a dramatic and at the same time calm narrative: the collage.

by german collage artist KOYWE KOLLAGE

“It is a challenge to find the pieces of the puzzle for my ideas. At the same time, the analog work enables me to feel the material in a unique way,” says Hans Möller Rojas.

The small-scale, elaborately hand-cut and assembled compositions show organic shapes, shimmering colours and exciting textures, which only reveal a deeper examination of topics such as sex and queerness in dialogue with the viewer.