The Future of Fashion

A closer look at GCDS SS21 fashion show. 

The fashion industry revolves around change, development, and referencing. Fashion is probably the most dynamic creative industry and of course seasonal fashion shows have been the crux of marketing for nearly a hundred years and as social media and the internet becomes further engrained in our lives, it becomes clear that the fashion shows need to reflect the way we consume fashion visually too. The Covid-19 pandemic brought fashion to a momentary standstill whilst brands figured out new ways to represent their seasonal collections and the results have been fascinating. 

We have seen everything from social distanced traditional fashion shows, zoom fashion shows, puppet shows, films and more. It has been wonderful to see this huge injection of creativity as designers react to the pandemic not only in their clothes but also in their visual representation too. 


GCDS brought us "OUT OF THIS WORLD", a collection with a literal title showcasing the clothes in CGI on alienesque characters walking the runway with a far off sunset in the background. Representing the clothing in this way provides a newness we haven't yet become accustomed with, and it's so desirable! The show as a whole creates this longing for becoming more risk taking with our dress sense and to stand out. Not only this, but the far off lands in which this world is situated creates this almost travelling aspect which we just cant have at the moment with reduced travel restrictions. 

Alien characters in fashion show | Rick and morty clothing for GCDS SS21

What has become so fascinating to us is that the GCDS show does more than open an interesting discussion around clothing, brand desirability, and technology in fashion as a whole. The youtube film actually questions the entirety of fashion image as a whole. Do we need models, fashion events, influencers, photography campaigns when the entire fashion show can be made on a computer and reach just as many people? This show breaks the glass ceiling of fashion as an elitist insider group and turns fashion into this accessible form of media that allows us to buy into the brand in more ways than one.