Buying prints shouldn't be a flippant purchase. To start a real art collection, you need several factors to have something of value. 

Follow these steps to begin or expand your art collection:

1. Follow your taste

You are looking for artwork that matches your taste level and resonates with your core beliefs as a person. Unless you are seriously rich, buying art is an investment you will have for life. Our timeless artworks are designed to last a lifetime and provide your home with something different that you may not have in your collection. 

2. Seek correct documentation

For your artworks to have any growing value in the future, you need the correct documentation which proves your purchase to be authentic. Many stores offer very cheap prints which are mass produced and therefore, they will not grow in value! Look for low edition prints and feel reassured that your purchase isn't mass produced. 

Our *EDITIONED* and *ORIGINAL* prints all come with the correct documentation which you absolutely must keep to maintain the value in your artwork. 

If you need to confirm your authentication of an artwork. Use the contact form below and one of our dedicated team members will be in touch. There is a £20 fee for confirmations. 

If you need to authenticate an artwork you purchased from us, click here. 

3. Framing

Your work needs to be framed to look absolutely beautiful. We have many framing options available on our store. Equally, you can frame yourself if you have something specific in mind!

4. It doesn't have to be expensive

We work closely with our artists to ensure that affordable purchases are made possibly to the public. Many of our artists are developing and becoming internationally acclaimed. Buying a great piece could end up being extremely lucrative in the future. 

5. What to look for with us. 

All of our prints come with a proof of purchase certificate including a serial number that validates the artwork with us. We keep all serial numbers in our database and can therefore validate any artwork ourself if ever needed. This service aims to provide security for you and your collection so you know your work can be resold in the future if ever needed! 

6. Show us your collection.

We are always looking to see peoples art collection and feature on our blog! If you have a budding art collection and you want us to see. Send us a message on Instagram.