To bring to light the developments in Image Making through technological advancements. To create a home for Image Making and Experimental Photography whilst providing support and visibility for up-and-coming artists. 


1. The World is Changing

The Beyond Photography founders have always held the belief that good art reaches into the future. Beyond Photography ushers the importance that technology is there to be taken advantage of in order to create, innovate, and inspire. Making good art is about recognising what tools will help you to realise your vision, and technology creates a space for anyone and everyone to create in new ways. 

2. The Youth is the Future

Beyond Photography believes that in an increasingly democratised art world, that the importance of art is based on its potential impact, not its price. Beyond Photography showcases art because it is good, not because it is expensive. Whilst successful and well established Image makers are creating unbelievable work, we want to create a space for people who haven't yet received the recognition they deserve. Beyond Photography aims to break the elitist character of art in order to bring art back to the public, through free and accessible channels. 

We also sell affordable prints that will grow in value. 

3. Communication is Key

Spreading your message is important. Art is changing, and we are at the forefront of that change. It is time to recognise the new path of art is digital. 

What we describe as Image Making, isn't a term that is discussed widely enough. What about artists who are using visual image based mediums but they're not photographers or film makers? The line which separates these mediums is becoming increasingly blurred. But to us Beyond Photographers, it is clear: a new medium has emerged. Image Making is a category and umbrella term which looks at experimental photography techniques, film making, collage, CGI, mixed media photographer etc. As technology develops, so too does this medium, and Beyond Photography is exploring its true potential. 


4. A Platform of Platforms

Beyond Photography was set up as a way of allowing artists, who work in this field to become a community, bundle their creative powers and offer them a platform to showcase their work and let their voices be heard. As artists, we have our own perspectives as Image Makers, but this does not necessarily match the the perspectives from the other artists featured on this platform.  Artists do not, and will not, co-opt their opinions to fit the work together. We celebrate the differences of artists working in this genre as you would, or even more so than, any other genre.

5. Forget the Dictatorship

Becoming a media platform itself, Beyond Photography does not have the agenda of taking over the world. We do not affiliate ourselves with propaganda or persuasive advertising. We are an independent arts foundation bringing free and accessible arts to the public as a way of providing an educational community for and of the public. 

6. Location, Location, Location

This foundation was set up to open a dialogue about this new medium and offer visual images and information of Image Making. Beyond Photography started offline and has since created a huge online library of texts, artworks, and collaborations which can be explored for countless hours. During this time, Beyond Photography has uprooted to Amsterdam, a cultural hub, where we are bringing more content offline to create more visceral experiences. Join us! 

7. We need money to survive but we don't need to cause problems along the way (no corporate greed)

We are a non-profit artist foundation with the sole purpose of creating and spreading the love for art. Our aim is not to create gross wealth (we haven't taken a pay cheque in 3 years!). Every penny Beyond Photography makes is reinvested to growing a platform that can share more content, more exhibitions, and reach more people across Amsterdam and the world. 

8. We are just one belief, have your own opinion (our perspective is clear, what is yours?)

Your view is important to us too! Send us an email, a DM, visit us at an exhibition, join our Facebook community groups, or leave a comment on a post. We want to hear from you. 

9. Stop Procrastinating.

We set up this art foundation as a way to transform our abstract ideas and dreams into something concrete and real. If you have an idea or ambition, make it happen. Don’t just sit on your idea, or someone will beat you to the chase. Join our team, or submit your creative work to us! 

(If you have an idea but you haven't executed it yet and want to get in touch before hand, that is also fine!)

10. Dare to Fail.

Beyond Photography beliefs art is beautiful because it’s thought provoking and inspiring. Dare to step outside the parameters of ‘visual aesthetics’ and push the boundaries of what is believed to be ‘beautiful’. The creation of art has become more accessible -which we celebrate!-, dare to take risk in order to stand out. Be iconic. 

Read the Founders' letter HERE.